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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Offshore Development Centre (ODC)

Outsourcing the core IT work of the office has immense benefits. As much as 57% of companies outsource IT to save cost, and 54% do so to ensure focus on the core business activities. The drastic rise in outsourcing has led to increased demand in the popularity of Offshore development centers worldwide.

What is an Offshore Development Centre?

An offshore development center is a company or a team of specialized professionals working from an offshore location. The offshore site refers to any area outside the nation in which it exists. Mainly it is situated far from the home nation. The primary motive behind an offshore development center is to leverage the cost-effective resources of the nation. As a result, countries like India, Indonesia, and China have emerged as top players in building an Offshore development centers. 

5 Advantages of Having an Offshore Development Centre 

  1. Cost Effective Strategy- Having an offshore development center lets businesses easily and comfortably leverage other countries’ low-cost resources. In fact, by outsourcing IT tasks to a country like India, a company can save as much as 30% of the development & maintenance costs. It also saves costs otherwise incurred on recruitment, hiring, and training of the employees.
  2. Leverages Skilled Resources- The cutthroat competition and demand for skilled resources have made it inconvenient for companies to find the right team at an affordable budget in homelands. In contrast, many countries have sharp and bright minds with the right qualifications available for hire at lower salaries. ODC resolves the issue of finding the right talent at reasonable rates.
  3. Let’s You Focus on the Core Business Activities- Outsourcing your tasks to an offshore development center provides quality time and peace of mind. It allows you to put 100% attention on business growth and expansion while a third party takes care of non-key aspects of the organization. For example, healthcare institutions looking to develop their patient portal will have to hire an in-house team for development and regular maintenance. It leads to an undesirable rise in the cost. In contrast, they can trust a reliable offshore development center for a fixed price to look at the development and maintenance of the patient portal.
  4. Significant Saving on the Infrastructure Costs- Hiring an in-house team of web designers and developers not only comes with the burden of salaries, but one also has to look after their infrastructure development. In contrast, many offshore development center companies are available with world-class infrastructure, software, and tools with a good reputation for providing dedicated services.
  5. Saves Room for Innovation- Working with people from different parts of the world provides more excellent room for innovation. Moreover, ODC comes with experienced professionals in their respective fields, which helps businesses avoid the worries of poor quality products.

Wrapping Up

A business should leverage an ODC for greater productivity and high-end development. At Microtech Infoserve, we have been offering high-quality development services to companies worldwide for more than two decades.