We, for our cyber security services, are our clients’ trusted go-to partner for all their security needs from the cyber world. Our non-stop threat detection & defence mechanism blocks all kind of cyber attacks before they are able to do a damage, keeping your business protected from unauthorised access, data breaches and data theft.


Growth With Proactive Defence Against Cyber Risks

The cyber world is changing faster than anyone could have thought leaving everything connected via internet vulnerable to cybercrimes. We are helping businesses and enterprises become future-ready by adopting a comprehensive cyber security strategy, safeguarding them against possible risks and cyber threats. Our cyber experts implement controls & firewalls, conduct regular maintenance activities and monitor the security management programs to ensure 100% risk prevention.

As we help you shield your systems, hardware & software from malware or any outside threats, this in turn also works on improving your equipment longevity thereby reducing the replacement cost to be incurred any sooner. On the other hand, successful attacks can cost your business in millions & can harm to your brand’s reputation keeping your customers at bay.

Continual Resilience Against Cyber Threats

Subject-matter experts in the field of cyber security management with the latest and most advanced technology to give organizations a higher level of protection.

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Know More About Our Cyber Security Services

No business should overlook the importance of cyber security as they are never immune to cyber-attacks if they have any online presence, which can further have a financial, physical or legal implications. But most companies don’t have the required expertise and infrastructure in-house to keep security measures against these cyber-attacks. Microtech Infoserve offers an on-demand expertise to block attacks before they damage your business. We monitor/analyze data & trends, accessing logs and help organizations respond to threats faster by leveraging the latest cybersecurity technology, maintaining the audit trail. We aim to:

  1. Be your risk program advisor
  2. Reduce enterprise-wide risk
  3. Provide expert cyber consulting services
  4. Detect and respond to threats on your behalf
  5. Bring information security convenience to your business

We have customised cyber security services for all industries. Our experts with 30+ years experience understand that different industries have different regulations and security needs. For example in case of software companies, they need to develop secured SAAS solutions or protect their clients data in a shared services environment. In case of financial sector, the data is all the more important as it can be critical financial or non-financial confidential client data. We provide our customized services for all industries. Contact us to know how our services fit the best for your industry-specific business.

We help with obtaining and maintaining PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance for secured transactions, SOC2 (Service Organization Control) for cyber security & overall security of customer data, HIPAA for healthcare organizations for their stringent security of information systems including patient data, ISO 27001 regarding areas of improvement to meet the required security standards, and many more. Contact our experts about how best they can help you with your compliance needs for security management.

We cover all our services within 3 step approach –

  1. Define – We define your security landscape customized for your business with
  2. Compliance Planning & Assurance
  3. Cyberattack simulation for enterprise-wide security
  4. Continued consultancy for secured operations
  5. Protect – We protect your assets by identifying vulnerabilities & ensuring
  6. Application Security
  7. Insider Risk Prevention
  8. External Attacks Prevention
  9. Defend – We proactively detect & respond against all cyber-attacks
  10. Cloud Security
  11. Cyber Insurance
  12. Data Security

You can feel relaxed and focus on growth if you decide to handover your cyber security to Microtech Infoserve. With our reliable services you additionally get -

  1. Peace of Mind – you enjoy peace of mind with a proactive 24X7 security
  2. Right Solution For Your Threat Profile – choose from our different types of services to fit each of your specific security needs
  3. Customized Protection As Per Need Of Hour - all of our services are customizable to combat specific cyber security threats and protect your systems.
  4. Savings - save the substantial costs of a disrupted business and other damages.

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